Our Core Values

“Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one’s values” – Ayn Rand

We feel that the quality of the values we embrace and the intensity of our commitment to them determines the level of our accomplishment in life. These are the values that guide us on our mission and we hope your mission now as well.

T  Total transparency

H  Humbly helping and healing wherever and whenever possible.

I   Integrity within ourselves and our thirdeyevision partners.

R  Radiate love, compassion and a little humor.

D  Do good. Be good.

E  Enjoy ourselves and share joy with others.

Y  You can make a difference!

E  Empower those who grant us the opportunity to serve them.



AHIMSA - one of the highest yogic principles.  The complete absence of harming in one’s mind, body and spirit.  

Accessibility - by setting up shop literally in front of our patient’s work door, we are accessible to everyone.  Plus we believe that healthcare should be made accessible to all, period.

Humor - We cannot get through our day without laughing, the deep bend over kind that you laugh about even days later.    This is the best tonic for the blood plus, it feels good to feel good.

Integrity - This is a cornerstone for us.  We aim to always say what we mean and mean what we say.  We demand that of ourselves and hope that all that we come in contact with, want to live their life the same way.

Magnanimous - We believe everyone should be treated equally, it is their birthright!

Service - This is where we found our passion in life.  Helping others, helps our souls.  This is why we created the non profit called ThirdEyeVision Foundation, where we help bring vision to the less fortunate angels that we share our planet with.

Abundance - Of course, we can do all this good and be abundant.  There are unlimited resources available to all of us.