Restoring lives by restoring vision.


ThirdEyeVision Foundation’s mission is to alleviate preventable blindness to low income individuals in foreign countries. Preventable blindness is defined as loss of vision that can be corrected. Globally, 80% of all visual impairment can be prevented or cured. Helping others see clearly allows a quality of life that will lead to heightened economic productivity across many communitieis that suffer from preventable blindness.

Since ThirdEyeVision’s inception, mission teams have traveled to five different countries, Peru, Brasil, Lebanon, Haiti and India, where the need for eye care assistance was the greatest due to the countries’ challenging terrains and lack of eye care supplies and trained professionals.

ThirdEyeVision’s primary present focus is in the Himalayas of India, Uttarkashi, where we have conducted five clinics over the last six years at the Sivananda Ashram.

ThirdEyeVision’s goal is to establish and support sustainable eye care facilities equipped with proper equipment and trained staff so that the quality of the care ThirdEyeVision provides will be present all year round. ThirdEyeVision provide eye glasses, medication, ocular pathology creening and treatment, cataract surgeries and pro-op care. ThirdEyeVison would like to expand to provide the following surgereis: retinal, refractive and oculo-plastics.

Donations by ThirdEyeVision Foundation to foreign organizations are ensured to further ThirdEyeVision Foundation’s exempt purpose because all donations by ThirdEyeVision Founddation are made directly to provide services or are made as in-kind dontations. Our distributions consist of medical services, eye-health care camps and medical and optometric equimpent. In addition, ThirdEyeVision Foundation services include training at each mission site to enable continued eye care in ThirdEyeVision foundaiton communities. Additional expenses include mission expenses such as airfare, lodging, meals, land travel, and glasses for patients.

ThirdEyeVision Foundation has applied with the Internal Revenue Service for recognition of its tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, but has not yet received a determination letter confirming such status. Please consult your own tax advisor regarding the timing and amount of any income tax deduction available as a result of a contribution to ThirdEyeVision Foundation.

Our Next Mission To India Will Be October 2015